Choosing Their Way: The Opportunity In Personalized Products

logosmallSellers of everything from t-shirts to bags, and jigsaw puzzles to consumer packaged goods are discovering the value of letting clients produce their own special products. Retailers use Big Data to present an individualized set of products to their consumers– it’s been a driving force behind Amazon’s success. Now brand names are taking customization a huge step forward into mass personalization. They are discovering that they can raise customer commitment and engagement– and utilize their consumer base as an engine of advocacy to potential purchasers.

Item modification assists brands boost sales by themselves sites or acquire share on a seller’s site. Pepperidge Farm consumers now create Goldfish crackers, and Jawbone consumers configure their own Jambox speakers. Expedition enables cyclists to build a bike from the ground up. And Brooks Brothers permits men to develop their own fits.

A survey of more than 1,000 online shoppers discovered that while less than 10 % have attempted personalization options, 25 % to 30 % have an interest in doing so. While it is tough to assess the total potential of personalization, if 25 % of online sales of shoes were tailored, that would relate to a market of $2 billion each year.

Beyond the pure size of the opportunity, our survey revealed that those consumers who had customized a product online engaged more with the business. They saw its web site more regularly, stayed on the page longer and were even more loyal to the brand name. have had success in offering a personalized photo puzzle services where customers can choose their own image to be made into a Jigsaw Puzzle. “People today are looking for something fun to do with all those images they take with their digital camera or mobile phone. We are meeting that demand turning folks personal photos into fun Jigsaw Puzzles.” said a representative from the company.

Equally, modification helps companies differentiate their items from those of their competitors at a time when the Internet is quickly making it easier for clients to compare the prices of products with basic functions.…